He's an Officer AND a Gentleman

Once upon a time, there were two beautiful little girls. One blonde, one brown. They liked to play Barbies, they liked to do make-overs, they liked My Little Ponies. And they did it all with their big brother.

Because they had the best big brother ever.

He never hit. Ever.
He typically let us win, unless it was Monopoly or a "life lesson" was in order.
He was a good sport because we were 2 strong and he was 1, and we were HIS little sisters.

But he did do the occasional standard brother acts. Like when he executed Ken by hanging for committing high treason in GI Joe court. Or wielding a BB Gun when boys started coming around. Or telling Mom that we were wearing makeup (we were in high school. He forgot and thought we were 10).

Thank you for driving us everywhere in the '94 Ranger.
Thank you for giving us Road Side Emergency kits when we turned 16 because you knew we needed them, even though we wanted something classy from Claire's.
Thank you for arresting us during Cops and Robbers and reading us our Miranda Rights. Someday when we are arrested, at least we'll be able to recite them with the Officer.
Thank you for teaching us the importance of not speeding in school zones by pulling us over on our bicycles near the elementary school in our neighborhood.
Thank you for knowing the exact date, time, and place when ANYTHING happened, be it historical or even minor events.Wasn't the doughnut invented today?
Thank you for bringing us another sister to make it 3 against 1. We like her a lot.
Thank you for being the kind of brother we could be proud of and always being "The Big Brother" to our friends.
Thank you for loving us even though we were sometimes a handful. Sometimes.

Happy 30th Birthday, Eric!
We are young adults. You are an adult. You are old, but in a fine wine kind of way.

Susie and Shelley (yes, Shelley actually helped write this)

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  1. Hah Hah Hah!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Happy Birthday, Ossifer!!!!


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