For my father

Because we all love PK and would really rather have a PK Blog than a Susie Blog, I adjusted my comments settings to make sure Dad could post his feelings. After struggling with the whole "must have an OpenId/gmail account to comment" and then subsequently writing me out of his will in retaliation, I figured I should probably make a change and turn Dad loose.

I know that I will immediately regret this decision.


  1. Well, it's about time....

    Having been technologically excluded from commenting has left an empty feeling - a void, if you will - that I now will attempt to fill. Realistically, it's a chasm greater than the Grand Canyon, but we'll all work through this together.

    One post at a time.

    Many, many times over.

    Wait for the rant on beets. It will happen.

    I won't lack for material - Susie has always felt obliged to toss 'em underhanded to her poor old dad and basically treat me as some apathetic, sympathetic old man with a marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth.

    But enough. Mick Jagger turned 66 yesterday and the age thing was OK until I learned that some super model with a 62" inseam laughed - a mocking laugh - that he's old. Mick? If he's old, then what about us non superstar rock mortals?

    Well, OK, so his face is much like my sense of emptiness - my feelings are as deep as the Grand Canyon and his face looks like it was cut by the Arizona. At least we both have our own hair....

    Thanks, Suz - you'll regret this one.



Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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