A Cautionary Tale of Rebound Relationships

It goes a little something like this: Four year ago today, Chuck and I got married. Yep, Happy Anniversary to Us. Ridiculous wedding. Ridiculously young.

But here's the cautionary part: I may have, sort of, kind of, a little bit, married my "rebound". I went to college. I had a year long boyfriend from high school, but then started dating Chuck. There may or may not be a negative 7 day difference from when I broke up with High School and started dating Captain America. May or may not. And I think it depends on the calendar system you use.

No biggie, said 18 year old Me. It's a total rebound. He's just some guy that lives in my dorm who happens to have the same twisted humor that I do, loves the same crappy movies, and can also recite all of Billy Mays' OxiClean sale pitch (RIP Billy -- two chest bumps and a peace sign to heaven). Plus, the guy's like 7'1, 115 pounds.

Quick fast forward and we're going on 8 years here, people. EIGHT YEARS. Where's my rebound? Where's my next boyfriend? I suspect I may have done something wrong here with the whole 8 years together, married for 4, beautiful cat-baby, and planning for kids in 2053. Is this not how a rebound goes?

Rebound, schmee-bound.

So here's my life lesson for you: Be careful who you date, even if it's just a rebound. You may find yourself married to said "fluff relationship" with a ship's wheel, a padded toilet seat, and completely and totally happy.

Happy Anniversary, Chuck!!
Our rebound relationship is more like a slam dunk.
UGH, that just felt wrong to even type. There, have it -- a horrible, horrible pun. Just for you, Oh King of Bad Jokes. That's love. True Wuv.

Love, Missy


  1. Your wedding looked lovely!! Congrats on 4 years! :)

  2. "Surely it says "love"?"
    "No, 'wuv.' With an Earth 'w.' Behold!"
    "This concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us!!"


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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