Bikes, Beach, and The Boyfriends

We're loving our mini-vacation with Paul and Shiann, but it's really not my vacation. Shiann and I were informed of this. There was some light nagging and Paul shouted "Don't ruin my vacation with Chuck."

His vacation. With Chuck. Chuck feels the same way.

They don't do too well living in other states.

Aren't they sweet together?

BT'dub, they even dressed themselves the same yesterday. Wow.

And they have the same hair cut and general ridiculous/stupid-ness.

They have been kind enough to let Shiann and Me in on their fun. What gentleman. Prince of Men. Yesterday was all bike riding and beach-ing (and the boyfriends -- as in Chuck + Paul = Love).

Last piece of Man-Love evidence and then I'm out for breakfast. Chuck was left unsupervised on the beach, so he burried his feet and drew new ones. See?

Once Paul saw, he started screaming "I wanna be like Chuck."

Help us.

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Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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