Allison-Fraser Action Photography or something

Paul and I have a gift. A talent. Too bad it's a total dud talent. Whatev. We love it.

Paul and I take "the action pictures". You know, 1-2-3 Jump -- we can time it perfect. We only do one take. We hold ourselves to a pretty high standard. One shot. Here's a quick walk down our action photography memory lane (can you tell we are a lil'bit too proud of ourselves -- remember, very little to live for):

The last picture is the one that started it all. That's Paul, Halloween 2006. There was no wind. He threw his scarf and posed; I snapped with precision. Glorious. And you can thank me for only posting a fraction of the pictures that Paul and I have insisted on taking the last 3 years. You are welcome.

We decided we could do this action jump in a group shot. On a timer. By the time we left our chosen spot, we had six packs from laughing. We were crying, and we were all wondering how Chuck ended up mastering the self timer.

Rather than post the best one, we decided to post them all. We look pretty awesome, not gonna lie. But the decision to post them all is Chuck. He wins. Go to the bathroom first, then follow his body through the pictures. You may ask, "Susie, did you Photoshop Chuck to be in the same spot mid-air?". No, heck, no. He just is this awesome.

I'd apologize for the overkill of pictures, but you read this blog. You knew what you were getting into.

This is the last post from California.
See ya back in Sea-town!


  1. the Nordstroms picture is classic...a must have for any eastside girl :)

  2. I so do love your blog!!! These action shots are glad that you posted them all! Chuck has trampoline feet!

  3. In the Fraser house we refer to your blog as "The Blog" We love the action shots. Great friends know how to play and laugh. You are such a talented writer.


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