We ended up with a full house boat after The Wedding -- somehow we turned into a Bed and Breakfast. I whine, I kick and scream. But really, I love it. I love a full house. I love friends on my turf, mostly because I'm lazy like that, a total control freak, and a middle child. I need lots of reaffirming attention.

We were high on life, love, and the exhaustion that can only come from 14 hours of wedding.

Naturally, there was pin-up modeling to be done on the Ship's Wheel. The sailor hat was just lying there, begging to be put on.

But then, we got taken over. By pirates. No joke.

Jeff brought a pirate costume to the SS Klahanie and took the ship hostage. He held Dania captive, which was fine. We gave her to him back in October at their wedding.
I love that Jeff did this. I wee'd myself when he bounded down the stairs. He also absconded with our box of Captain Crunch too, just to prove something.

Dania, I think you married as big a winner as I did. Have fun with that.

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