Adventures in Babysitting

In a complete lapse in judgement, Shane and Shelley handed Lucy over to Me (and Chuck) for two whole days, including an overnight. Unsupervised. Shelley in DC. Grandparents in Duluth. What were they thinking?

We made it. 31 hours 24 minutes. A few meltdowns and some light crying, but I made it. And Lucy actually did great, in case you were wondering about her.

She was a little worried at first. I can't blame her. She was left in the custody of a Houseboat Captain and a Complete Train Wreck. The neighbors put CPS on their speed dials.

Our house/our lives aren't exactly equipped for a baby. No crib, so we borrowed the Pack n' Play. No adult 4 doors cars, so we hijacked Ellen, Fe's Subaru. But no toys was the biggest problem. I found Howard (a gift from Chuck bought in 2002 -- wtf, 2002). My cell phone was also a huge hit. Same with spatulas, wooden spoons, the ceiling fan, and bangle bracelets -- girl's got mad style.
There was an incident with soap + eye in the bath tub. Very traumatic. Mostly for Me.
There was a lot of sleeping while shopping, which is a concern with the Nordstrom Sale just around the corner. We need to be alert people. This is not a time for passive behavior.
There was also a Code Brown all over her outfit at lunch. Don't be that girl, Lu.
And there was lots and lots of love. Because we are besties. Besties.
So, in 6 months of taking a God-awful amount of pictures of her, this is my favorite. Definitely. Well, until I take her modeling shots after the Anniversary Sale -- Barbizon style.


  1. way to go future awesome paretns of america! aren't babies such a blessing!?

  2. Barbizon - oh you went there. Circa, what 1994??

  3. Good practice! :) Looks like you did great.


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