Road Trip Done Right

For the big birthday party (see post below), we needed to road trip to Portland. Chuck and I joined Shelley and Shane, Lu too, for a little fun in Becky Buckwild.

Here's Becky.

Road trips are fine, especially mini-3 hour trips and double especially if we stop at a Chevron for snacks. Shelley and I do road trips the right way.

Snoballs are under appreciated and under sold. Their availability is alarmingly scarse.

Lucy loved her taste of the filling. Don't tell Shane. He's one of those "good parents".

Cupcakes. Yum.


Again, two thumbs up and leg kicks from Lucy. She enjoyed a few licks of the Cool Ranch flavor from the delicious corn tortilla chip. If you wouldn't mind keeping this one from Shane also, that would be great.
Shelley and I approach parenting from the Britney School for Eating. Next up: Starbucks and Barefoot Eating in Unsanitary Environments.

It was all fun and eating until we had a Code Brown just outside of Kelso. Code Browns are distressing. Right, Lucy?

And the Code Brown turned into a Diaper Throwing Fight off of I-5. Can you see the diaper mid-air? I was the final target. Shane started it. Chuck retaliated with a toss at Shelley (whose fault it ultimately is for birthing the pooping creature).

We = Mature.
Sigh. Babies having Babies.

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  1. Wow. We've never experienced a diaper fight yet -- with two kids in tow now! Perhaps I should try this on our next code "brown" from the baby or code "ax-i-dent" from the tot! That is the fun part about driving from Bellevue to Bremerton. Learning that it is possible to have an "ax-i-dent" every 45 min. Hello Gig Harbor DQ and Renton Wal-Mart! We seriously need to make a map of all of our friends that live within 1 min. of I-5 between here and Bellevue.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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