Poor Chuck

People watching aside, we did manage to actually wander through a few tables o'junk at Saturday's Garage Sale-polooza. And here is a list of all the items I wouldn't let Chuck buy for the house. Regardless of how much we "needed it" or how great it would look. There was a bit of kicking and screaming, but he made it.

Ok, so this last picture doesn't actually fit into our classic nautical theme, but have a look at this little gem. It's a pair of little boy pants, shoes, and socks -- stuffed, of course, to stand on its own. And at the top is an arrangement of silk flowers. Wow. Wow. Wow. Of all the items we saw, I can't believe we walked away from this one. Maybe because it was TEN DOLLARS and we have a $5 gag purchase limit. Sigh. It would have made an excellent addition to the house.

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