Not quite Peas and Carrots

Chuck has some difficulties in loving Comcast. He's actually not their biggest fan. I'm not sure I can pinpoint where this problem began, but it's there and he loves to hate them. We're three years into our tumultuous relationship with them, and things are not getting better. I've tried all the classic teacher strategies to fix this issue: talk it out, use "I" statements, even separate corners. Nothing's working.

And clearly, Chuck's "dislike" for Comcast isn't going anywhere.
I found a package on our doorstep. We aren't Interweb shoppers, so hmmmm....what could this be? Oh, it's addressed to Chuck. Crap, it's from Comcast. "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, and forgive my husband, he knows not what he does..."
Chuck decided to order the free digital converter boxes. Why? Because he "needed them". He says he's planning for our future when we, apparently, hook up rabbit ear TVs in each bedroom. Maybe even the bathroom. That would be a nice compliment to our padded toilet seat (oh, you don't know about that? Maybe another time.).

In his words, "I wanted to cost Comcast money."

Did I mention we got two? That was the limit, per household. "See, Susie, the additional one was the same price as the first one. ZERO."


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