Newman's Boyfriend

Newman's got a boyfriend.

Newman is Fe's cat. She's a BBC (big, beautiful cat). Isn't she a delicate beauty? Let's call her "sturdy". If the wind blew, Newman's not going anywhere. Newman knows she has it going on and she flaunts what her Mama Cat gave her.

And now, she has a boyfriend. He's a little gray boy-cat and he dotes on her. He showed up at my parent's door and loves them. But he loves Newman most of all. They play together, sit together, and talk constantly. And let's be clear about something: he's a teenage boy cat.

Which means...Newman is a total Cougar. What a little Linda Hogan!! Glad to know Newman found her Charley Hill. Hopefully we can avoid restraining orders and illegal activity allegations. Fingers crossed.

Naturally, my parent's named him Kramer.

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