My First Born, Jamie

Jamie is my man-baby. Jack = Cat-baby. Jamie = Man-baby. I took care of Jamie in college because I'm much older and wiser, and his Mom pays me in Crate and Barrel. I don't ever tell Jamie this, but he may just be the funniest person I know.

Jamie was angry at me the other day. I may not have called him back after his 5th emergency phone call about what to make for dinner. Who knows what prompted this written slap.

But I love that he put this on my facebook page, and I had to paste it into the blog:
I'm blogging about you causing the global economic crisis, the fact you think Zimbabwe is a type of bird, that you pushed me over at brewfest causing my head to crack open, you've burnt my toast, you've tried to kill me numerous times (unsuccessfully), you refuse to tell Jack he's adopted, you still haven't surrendered your Totem Lake Passport to Customs and Immigration, you still have the dorm call boxes saved in your phone (wait, that's me) and that you shop at TJ Maxx (Oh snap, what will your Bellevue readers think?)...

This is in the hospital after Jamie fell on the ice, got a concussion, and had to be woken up every hour that night. Total Man-Baby.

ps: You may be concerned about the medical attention Jamie received this fateful night in our tiny one horse town, Ellensburg. Don't worry. Jack gave him an additional cat scan once we got home just in case.

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