Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Chuck is 27 today. It may not sound old, but when you met someone when they were 19...27 seems ancient. And he is a whole year older than me, so he might as well have his hip replaced.

What do I love most about Chuck? He's a good sport. He doesn't mind that I blog about his ridiculous ideas or lifestyle. He never minds looking silly and he never says "put the camera down." He just smiles, shrugs, and watches all our friends see him in my size 4 pants. I love this pic so much...it deserved a re-posting.

And then there's all the ideas, the schemes, and the "really? really?" moments. One time, I woke up for work and found a note on the bathroom mirror that said "4 a.m". It also said, "Go to the computer." I found this...
Chuck made this in paint. Yes, paint. Not Photoshop. Paint. Why? I still ask myself that.

Another personal favorite Chuck moment: the fun noodle. He still swears he didn't see the water coming.
See, Dad, I may not have "married more money in 10 minutes than I could make in a lifetime", but at least I can happily live in the poor house with my idea filled, good sport. So it evens out.

Happy Birthday, Chuck! I wouldn't trade you for the world!

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  1. i heart paint. i really do. seriously can't everything be this user friendly anymore?


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