Double Nickel Fe

Fe turned 55. Go Fe Go -- we had to party. We're that kind of family. Any excuse to get away with obnoxious behavior and acting like idiots...well, you get the idea. If you want to throw a surprise party "our style", follow these simple steps:

1. Lie to your Mother to get her to Portland.
2. Rent a hot pink Hummer limo.
3. Put Lucy in a tutu (we can loan her out for your party, if you don't have your own Lucy).
4. Buy a ridiculous present.

Hummer limo. check.

Surprised Mother realizing the weeks of lying. check.

Lucy in a tutu. Check. BTW, That girl is down to party, I tell you. DOWN TO PARTY. We put a little somethin' extra in her formula. It's name is LOVE.

Ridiculous present. check.

Let's rewind and I'll give you the play-by-play.

Shelley planned this party. I know. I'm so proud. I'm blushing. Shelley coordinated the web of lies that we lived in the past 2 months. She decided we needed an "all family night" to celebrate Fe properly -- Eric and Stacia included. Dad tricked Mom into flying down to Portland with him for a work dinner. Lies, all lies. Meanwhile, the 6 and 1/2 of us (Lucy is really only a .5 human) crammed into a hot pink hummer limo and picked them up at the airport.

Mom was shocked. It took her a minute to process -- she is 55, after all.

We had some good times in the limo. Lu especially, because the little sweet heart hadn't seen Eric and Stacia since her 7th Day post-womb. She loved them.

See, I told you I had a Big Brudder. He's a cop. He's pretty awesome, huh? But, I'm a bit partial.

Aren't we a good lookin' bunch? Note to Me for future family events: When you are already the shortest relative by a long shot, don't be the only one in flats. Lucy and I look like sisters.

Here are just the "Originals". Eric and I used to be the Originals, since Shelley wasn't exactly "planned". But now that there are spouses involved, I guess Shelley can be an Original too.

Dinner held even more surprises. It's important with a surprise party to pack in multiple surprises in case any one surprise goes poorly. Luckly, we didn't need to rely on any of our B Team surprises -- they just rocked in and of themselves.

Surprise # 2: My Aunt and Uncle came to dinner. That's my Dad's brother. Uh huh. Brother. We'll talk a bit more about Dad and Dennis in another post. Promise. Cross my heart. It's too good.

We had so much fun at dinner.

So much, in fact, that Dad decided to start lactating. Good for Lucy I guess.

Surprise #3: The Present. We had a fabric artist and pet portaiture (yes, that's all real) create a one of a kind pillow of Newman. It has texture. It's beautiful. It's a treat for so many senses.

Awesome. I can't describe it beyond that. Awesome.

Happy Birthday Fe. Sorry about all the lying. Just remember you love us.


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  1. A fabric artist! I love it. Hot Pink LIMO.... someone better of had hot pink nails to go with this. Was the driver gay? lol.


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