Yard Workings

Remember how I'm working on my outside homeowning skillz? I decided to tackle the backyard on Saturday as part of my yard work studies course. Don't be jealous or anything, but our backyard was like a beautiful secret garden. And by beautiful secret garden, I mean disgusting, forgotten weed field. Think weed covered train wreck.

Isn't it pretty?


Oh, I know. I can sense your jealously through the Interweb.

But I went for it. And don't worry, Chuck was supervising my electric hedge trimmer usage.
My Dad said I could only borrow and use it with adult supervision. He was really making a big deal about me using it again. I don't know why and it was kind of annoying. I mean, I only cut through four extension cords using this very hedge trimmer when I was in high school. Only four. Pah-lease. Take a chill pill, Dad.

I also pressure washed the concrete for funsies. The concrete patio was part of the backyard that always looked wrong, but I could never figure out what was up with it. Kind of like Chuck in my nice white pants. It just seemed out of place. And now I know why. It was filthy. Paris Hilton filthy.

Not to toot my own horn (except yeah right, because I made a blog to publicly toot my horn air-raid style), but I think I did a pretty good job. I didn't electrocute myself with the hedge trimmer. I didn't pull up any bulbs. And I didn't strip the siding off the house with the pressure washer.

I knew you'd want to see the before and afters. We're tight like that.

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