Shelley graduated from college today (yeah!!). Because I'm a bad person, I love telling strangers Shelley's college story and leaving out key details. Here's my version: Shelley went to WSU, came home, had a baby, and now she's graduating. Makes Shelley sound like some sorostitute that got knocked up at a frat party by a generic guy that we'll call Steve. Her and I have a good giggle about this.

Of course, the parts about her deciding to move back to Seattle, getting a full time job at 19, faithfully doing classes online (I could never do this!), meeting Shane, getting married THEN having a baby a year later just don't make as crisp a sentence. Aren't I the worst big sister EVER?

Anyways, Shelley and Shane, Fe and PK flew to Pullman today and left Lucy with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sister. It was rent-a-baby day. She's an angel, so the day was a dud -- no excitement. She's perfection.

We gave her a bath before bed last night. Because I love her, I didn't think I should post a picture of her Britney online, so I hope you're cool with me censoring the bajingo.

There was some tummy time this morning and she's lifting her head like a champ!

Of course we also took her to McDonald's for lunch because we wanted her to see what our lifestyle was like, but it was too hard to take pictures in the drive thru.

And here's what happens when you leave your child with Me for a day:

This picture comes complete with the audio "HOLLA!"

Just imagine how much trouble we will get in eventually.


  1. Totally adorable! And this is an honest question, because I'm baby's eyes change shades as they get older or does she just have really dark blue eyes?

  2. ok. That picture of her with her on her tummy is priceless! That smile? Those dimples? I can almost hear her toon-like giggle through the screen! Hope I get to meet her face to face before I leave!

    P.S. I like the blog face lift. It could use a little more collagen in the lips though.


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