Our Kind of Mother's Day

We started at Pike Place Market for Mother's Day. Perfect. I love that place. When I was three, a hobo jumped out in front of me and sang "You shake my nerves and you rattle my nuts." Nothing like culturing your children. Good work Fe.

After getting the mini doughnuts, we went to The Crumpet Shop for coffee and harassing. Oh yeah. You "read" me right. This man and woman walked passed us, dropped a Kleenex, looked at it, and continued walking. Mom and Dad kindly alerted them of their mistake. Mr. and Mrs. Litter Bug looked back, said "Oh it's just a Kleenex" and kept walking. Mom and Dad continued their gentle reminders and Mrs. Bug walked back to us, picked up the tissue and threw it at Fe. Let's be serious, you don't throw things at Fe and you certainly don't do it on Mother's Day.

Naturally, Dad kept his cool.

He SPRINTED down 1st Ave to catch up with them.
Father: "HEY! So, are you local?"
The Bugs: "Yes"
Father: "Really? Because you should probably crawl out from under the rock you've been living in and realize we don't do that sh** in this town. Got it?"
Mrs. Bug: "I don't like you."
Father: "Aaah..."
How smug does he look walking back from this lovely interaction? I love my Dad. If you know him, then you know exactly how he said this. It's a certain air of better-ness and sarcasm that Dad sells with an award winning smirk. He's my hero. How's Fe going to top this on Father's Day?

After the excitement, Mom wanted to go to Norm's in Fremont, so naturally we took the baby to a bar. She's cool with it, so are the owners. Here's the "Mom and Daughter Photo Op", you have to have one on Mother's Day.

Yes, Shelley is sitting on Fe's lap.

Lucy's getting so big. I used to be able to fit her whole head in my giant cartoon mouth.

The words delicate and classy come to mind.

Shelley and Lucy on Shell's first Mother's Day!

Let's have us a quick chat about this last picture of Chuck and Me. First of all, I'm wearing heels. Second, I'm standing on a wall and Chuck is slightly down hill. And oh good. I'm still not that much taller than him in the photo. Lord that boy is tall. Sometimes I forget. Patty Hearst syndrome a little bit.

Happy Mom's Day to all my Mommy Friends! You have lucky kids!

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