Memorial Day

It was a big day for Chuck and Me in the christening of the New House (ps: How long is your current residences your "new house"?). We had our first BBQ.

I can tell you're exited for us. Sorry you weren't invited.

It was Sunday-Night Family Dinner, expect for it being Monday and all. Here's the family enjoying dinner -- or at least doing a really good job at pretending they're happy.

And now, a couple of points about this picture:
1. That is our kitchen table outside. We found patio furniture at Lowe's yesterday but our coupes are just not going to get this stuff home. So, we moved the kitchen table to where we wanted to be. A little white trash, but so is our neighborhood...

2. Yes, Chuck is wearing a pink shirt. That's his "sailing outfit", which was actually bought last year before the Ship's Wheel was even a twinkle in his eye. I should have seen the warning signs.

We did a much better job of supervising Lucy than we did in the Nordstrom dressing room, but apparently there is still room for improvement. Just call her "Aspartame Baby."

And then there was the sitting up alone on the table!!! Go Lu Go!

Ax and Lu were pretty inseperable today. Looks like Shelley and I have some competetion. I think we can take her. I mean, she can't even walk yet. Please.

I was trying to get a really nice picture of Lucy and Me (trying to erase the horrible memory of peace sign picture Saturday), but she kept squirming and squiggling until she started motorboating her mouth and blowing bubbles.

I died laughing.


  1. Did PK steal something from your house? Be careful, he's sneaky like that.

  2. Hey Susie, I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment on your blog. Thanks about my Photography! I love the pioneer women blog! They rock! I use textures and a lot of them! I can never have enough!! Beautiful shots on your blog by the way! I love the colors you use.



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