Jessica's Big Night!

Jessica's bachelorette party was Saturday -- oh, what a night! I loved every single bit of it. We took a stretch Hummer limo into Seattle and the 12 of us caused quite a ruckus. But Jessica stole the show. Isn't she fab?

Jessica is one of those brides that you really worry about. Her and Michael have only been together since freshman year of high school. I just wish they knew each other better. Maybe another 11 years would good for them....

Actually, the best part of the night was The Knudsen Sisters who joined in on the festivities. Change that. They led most of the festivities and 90% of everything fun can be traced back to the Wisconsins. These are Jessica's Aunts and Her Mom -- and these 40-somethings ran laps around us. We couldn't even try to keep up.

I had never actually seen Cougar Action until Saturday, but these woman command a crowd. I'd like to think that the eight 25-year-olds in little black dresses would have been impressive, but oh no. It was the Knudsens. They had men hanging all over them. They even tried to pawn a few of these singles onto our two singles but no such love connection. We 25-year-olds (and you can shut up right now about me being 26. I prefer 25+1) can't hold a candle to these women. They were impressive. I took notes. Maybe someday...

You know that "Mom Test" that boys always use? "Check out her Mom and you'll know if she's going to be hot in 20 years." Yeah, Jessica passes this test 4 times over. And PS: When do you think Jessica will get her version of The Haircut?

Cheers to great girlfriends! Lots of Love, Lots of Laughter, Lots of Funsies!!

And just because I loved this picture so much, here's Jessica and her Mama having a moment. They have so much love for each other -- you just want to be around them.

Happy Bachelorette Party, Jess! You will make a beautiful bride. Only 67 days and counting...

xoxo, Bossy Wedding Planner

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