Jack's Time of the Month

It's really not Jack's fault that Chuck and I don't have kids and take out our parental instincts on him. There's the talking to him like he's human, supervising his every move, shelling out cash on health care, and blogging about his every day. We are those people.

Tonight was bath night. Jack does not enjoy bath night -- we have yet to figure out why. Chuck has a specific outfit he wears for bath time and Jack begins running from him the second the outfit goes on. See? I told you he was smart.

The theme of the entire bath is betrayal. How could you? Why would you?
You can see it in his face. We've betrayed the circle of trust. But then again so did Jack when he ate the bead.
I swear to you that after the bath he looks just like the alien from Independence Day. Scout's honor.

The best part is, that while I am the one that actually puts the water on him and sensually massages the shampoo in, the fact that Chuck holds him down puts all the blame on Chuck. It's a well calculated move on my part. He always jumps onto me at the end. "Oh Mom, it was awful. You wouldn't believe what he did."
It's shallow love, but so am I.


  1. LOVE the picture of Jack all wet! I am definitely not brave enough to try and give either of my cats a bath!

  2. I don't think Jack is running from Chuck because it's his "bath time" outfit. I think he's running from Chuck because he's got so much thigh exposed! To a tiny kitty, Chuck's beanpole legs can be very intimidating. Can't blame him...


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