Guess what?

Yeah, that's not only a no, that's a hell no. But you got a little excited didn't you? Sorry, I had to. It was too easy. Remember: no Allison baby until at least 2053.

This is Tyrell's car and I LOVE that she slapped this bad boy on the back of her ride. Although you might think she did this as a dare, it was actually on her own accord and it's one of the funniest pregnant gags she's done lately. Next step: those awful family stickers on a mini-van.

For a reference point: this is Tyrell and Adam (he did this to her).
We got together with Adam and Tyrell to celebrate Kelly's birthday on Friday with her husband Dan. Here's how we know this crew. Try to keep up: Kelly and I work together. Chuck and Adam lived together for 6 weeks during flight training with Horizon. Tyrell works for the high school next to Kelly and my school. Dan also works for Horizon. Dan, Kelly, Adam, and Tyrell live next door to each other. This took us about 4 months to piece together last year. We ain't that smrt and the boys fly planez.

It was Kelly's 28th birthday. May have taken this picture wrong, but it's coo.

Kelly and Dan had a baby in December. He is a joy, I tell you, a joy. Dan and Kelly are on the shorter side of life, so Jacob was loving being held by Gigantor. He'd never seen life lived so high up. He may have gotten oxygen deprivation.

Check out Jacob sitting up all by himself and then join me in a collective hatred toward Kelly for looking like this after having a baby just 5 months ago. We hate you Kelly. And by hate, I mean love.
Happy Birthday, Kelly!

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