Do you speak Kindergarten?

Did you know I teach Kindergarten? Now you do.

Kindergarten-isms are the best kind of -isms because these kids have no filter and are rarely self-conscious. Not that I pick favorites in my room (yeah right), but I definately have my favorite -isms du jour. I thought I'd share them with you. We teach sharing in kindergarten.

"Teacher, I want to see the Puget Sound. What does it sound like? Because it is called Puget Sound."

"Mrs. Allison doesn't have a baby because you have to be an adult and have a job to have a baby."

"I watched the Seahawks win the football game on my TV."
"Seriously? They won on my TV too!!"

"Girls can marry girls as long as they aren't sisters."
"And boys can marry boys but they can't have girl babies because girl babies come from girls."

"Hey Mrs. Allison, I hope you never get fat. Cuz you look really good skinny."

"Why would they let a prisoner in our school?"
ME: "No, honey, he's the principal."

"I have NEVER seen that letter before in my life."
ME: "Really? because it's an Ee and your name is Eric."

What does disposition mean?
Kid 1:"It means being in the wrong place. Because dis means wrong and position means place."
Kid 2:"OHHH! Like in baseball, when my coach says 'Not that position, DIS position.'"
OK so that one was second graders, but whatev.

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