Boy Vacation

Chuck and Paul took a nice little Brokeback vacation last week. Oh I know. They don't go up there to fish. Any-hoo, they went up to Forks (OMG, I know, Twilight, giggle, Edward, giggle, sigh) and chartered a fishing boat to get thems some fish. Manly men style.

I went ahead and made a list of things Chuck was not allowed to take on his play date: ship's wheel, sailor hat, wooden stake and/or garlic in case of vampire confrontation. He did manage to take a mix CD that included The Edmund Fitzgerald, the theme to The Crying Game, and the theme to Brokeback Mountain. Go Chuck.

The boys went fishing for sea bass and ling cod. Chuck apparently tried to seduce the fish onto the boat. He's a thinker.
PS: Has anyone ever seen ling cod? I do not feel bad eating these guys. Wow. They are NASTY.
I was expecting a few fish to return home with Chuck. Imagine all the fish at Pike Place Fish Market. Now put them in Ziploc bags and into our freezer. We bought a box of 36 Ziplocs. We used the box and put three fillets into each bag. Ridiculous comes to mind. This is but a fraction of the fish...
Chuck spent the better part of the morning "vacuum sealing" the fish bags.

All in all, it was a successful boy vacation. No one came back crying, no one was hurt, and neither had become a vampire. Solid vaca.

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