Big Lucy First!

It was a HUGE day for Lucy!!!!! It was her first Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale! I was so proud of her and her 4 hours of shopping without one fuss. Because, see, the Half-Yearly sale is like the prelims for the Anniversary Sale and we were judging her performance. She passed. What a relief, because we would have made Shelley trade her in if she couldn't handle a Nordy's sale.
We started the day shopping for Lu. We thought this would get us on her good side. Her and I found matching sunglasses. I have no idea why I flashed the peace sign, so get over it. It is what it is. And I publicly apologize for any hurt this has caused.

Then we took her to see The Tiles. The 3rd floor of Nordstrom has all these kid-made floor tiles. Fifteen years ago, Fe saw an ad for this in the paper, took Shelley and Me to Nordstrom, and insisted we make tiles. So we did. They are still there and we love that we can see them. Lucy was definitely impressed by Shelley's purple bear and my caterpillar with peace sign necklace (ew...there's that peace sign again. What's wrong with me?).

I was 11.

Shelley was 8.

We rocked it.

Lu loved the Brass Plum dressing room and clearly she was very well supervised while we were trying on clothes... We were doing our best here, but the tank tops were so cute and needed our full attention.

So, Fe sat with Lu and decorated her with necklaces. She loved them and we loved the accessorizing experience that we were giving her. Some parents read to their kids, some teach basic shopping strategies. To each his own.

But she really was cute today, wasn't she?

Shelley and I bought the same shirt. We haven't done this in years. We have a little bit different taste in clothing. Just a little bit. Think Jessica Simpson pre-fat pants vs Charlotte York.

And yes, we have the same parents. Who knew?

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