We likes us some puzzles

Everyone knows Chuck and I are a bit on the nerdy side (naturally, I mean A LOT on the nerdy side). We love puzzles, brain games, trivia -- basically, if you can get beat up for it in high school then chances are we're down for it. We lack that cool gene.

As kids, we both loved Where's Waldo although we approach it a little differently. Chuck would search for hours and I like searching for a solid 5 minutes and then looking for a cheat in the back of the book. Or better yet, finding someone who knows where Waldo is and paying them to show me. Perhaps this obsession went a little far one time, but we're cool with it.

We have a new little brain game we like to play. It's called "Where in the new house does Jack like to sleep?"

Did you find it?


Need another angle?

For three years this cat lived in a tiny apartment with a white couch. Nothing. New couches from a semi-grown up furniture store? Like white on rice. Countless lint roller sheets and the purchase of a "fur removal sponge" (not making this up) and it's clean. For now.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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