Totally Normal

Naturally, we took Jack for a walk the other day.

It was nice out, he was being a good boy (lie), and maybe the neighbors didn't already think we were crazies because of the ship's wheel which you can see perfectly from the street (heaven help me).

We used to do this all the time in Ellensburg. We did it enough times in Totem Lake that other tenants were used to it. So why not carry on our fine "Those Cat People" tradition in our little suburbia labyrinth?

Jack was all about the walks at the quiet apartment, but Mr. Tough Guy was not so thrilled about the noises that come with a neighborhood. Law mowers, cars, children. It's as overstimulating as a rave -- glow sticks and all. Low tail, sniff cat.

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  1. Chuck, it was 70 the past two days. Long pants and sweatshirt??


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