Sunday Shenanigans

Chuck's sister Nan commented "I love this blog. I can enjoy all of Chuck's antics without actually having to endure any of them." Thanks for the compliment, Nan, but some of us are not so lucky.

I've decided that in an effort to make peace with the ship's wheel, that it would be kind of funny to take a picture of all our house guests at the helm of the SS Klahanie. Think photo booth at TRL. And by the way, isn't this great progress for me? I am maturing, I think.

With Jamie and Paul in town for the weekend, I had to get a picture of my boys playing boat. Chuck was lounging around in jeans and an undershirt so I kindly asked him to please put on a real shirt so I could take a quick pic. There was stomping of feet, pouting, and a giant huffy-breathe as he marched back upstairs.

Should've seen this one coming.

In case you are wondering, those are my nice white pants. And in case you were also wondering, Chuck is a size 4 at Express, although it looks like he may need the longs.

Paul, being the usual catalyst for Chuck's adventures, was all smiles. Paul knows Chuck does this for attention, and he's only too willing to encourage the behavior.
See? So proud of his BFF.

And Jamie is just as bad. Jamie decided that if Chuck was sailor, then he wanted to play pin-up like Emy got to. Jamie is such a delicate beauty.

Let's not leave Jack out. He's the king of bad boy behavior and he wanted in on these shenanigans. The SS Klahanie is a bit bigger than the SS Catnip that his Grandpa sailed, but he worked it out.
Yep, just a typical Sunday morning around here. And don't forget, they're all pilots. They've all flown commerically. And they're all idiots.

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