Mad Homeowning Skillz

We've been playing "homeowners" around here lately, you know, with the good weather and all. But we're definitely still playing on the B team of yard work -- wait, that's not fair. This is better: I'M on the B team of yard work, Chuck's varsity. Does that mean we average JV?

I can trim rose bushes with unknown success because nothing's bloomed yet. And by trimmed, I mean hack until I've got 12 bleeding cuts and two splinters. Chuck, on the other hand, rebuilt the carburetor for the lawn mower. He changed the oil. He did a full service. Then, he mowed the lawn. Chuck has skillz.
I pulled weeds on Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure I pulled up a bunch of bulbs. You tell me: Did I kill these flowers? Did I do an uh-oh? I suck at this.
And up on varsity, Chuck has fixed the gutters, done the weed eating, and started to rake up the moss.
Maybe I'm more of an Indoor Homeowner. But, Chuck should Letter by summer.

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