Just thatching around

Do you know what this is?

It's a lawn thatcher for pulling up moss. And boy did we have a lot of moss. Tons of moss. Oodles of mosses and mieces.

Chuck took the manly "I can do it sans machinery" approach and after an hour of raking the moss himself, he'd covered a 2 foot by 3 foot area. We were gonna need a bigger boat.

Enter Thatchmo (I named him). Thatchmo is my new hero. Starting to consider Thatchmo as the name for Baby Allison when we finally have a kid in 2032. And I swear, I could faintly hear Thachmo singing "And I think to myself, what a wonderful lawn" the whole time.

Thatchmo cost a whole $40 to rent and in 45 minutes the entire yard was done. Done I tell you!
See.... It's the proverbial wasteland.

Then it was raking time. And I raked it all up by myself while Chuck returned Thatchmo to his rightful owner (there were some tears). I know that Chuck may have gotten a few bleeding cuts while using Thatchmo, and one was deep enough to warrant the "do you need stitches?" conversation, but I got a blister! A big one.
Ok, maybe it was a little one, but a war wound is a war wound.

Once the yard was raked it looked like 50 little mole hills littering our yard. I kept waiting for the Groundhog from Caddyshack to pop up and sing "I'm all right", but no such luck. Dang, maybe next time....

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