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I'm such a Big Girl. I painted the family room and kitchen over Spring Break all by myself (well, mostly) -- but I'm just now getting the pics posted (sorry Emy -- I know the lack of posts has been hard on you). I painted the rooms "Stone Harbor", like you care. But I love paint color names. They're the porn stars of home decorating. Ansonia Peach. Lilac Sachet. Blue Emotion.

The before pic is always boring, not that the others are action packed, but humor me. Okay? We'll go ahead and skip that.

Here's the during. I don't think nearly enough people post during pictures. It's always the "look how pretty and clean it is". Whatever. I painted for three days, fell in the pan once, painted the TV twice, and unplugged the fridge on accident for about 3 hours. I'm a winner. I wish I was cool and could say the wine was for me because what a stressful job, but be serious. It's a leftover, it's probably stale, and it burns.

This "during" picture is to prove to Catlyn (my eternal critic) that I did actually change the paint color. It seems subtle when you're in the room, but this picture proves it's different. (Let's be honest, I'm never going to paint a room orange or chocolate -- I like simple).

And here it is now (notice the white backsplash -- Chuck's doing and I love it. Only artist offering EVER):
Chuck's Mom spent the weekend with us and made the bomb.com valance. She's working on matching seat cushions for our kitchen table (just call me Kathie Lee). Isn't she handy to have around? There you have it. I painted. Where's my medal?

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  1. Good girl with the "during" photo. Now I'll believe that you've painted!! :)


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