Child Proofing the House

We need to child proof this house immediately. Immediately!

Not for Lucy, heavens no. I'm a good aunt, but child proofing for a 3 month old niece may be a little much. Child proofing for a 3 year old cat, however, that's another story.

Everyone knows we have a bad cat. A bad, bad, $1,700 "foreign object removal" cat. Jack has ruined plants and posed toys in the middle to frame them. I can't count the number of items he has broken by purposely pushing them to the ground (in his defense, those vases had no right sitting on the table). He ruined Vicky's dining room table, is in the process of shredding a throw rug, and I firmly believe he takes handfuls of litter and throws them around the downstairs when we aren't around.

And that's not all Mr. Man is doing while we're not looking.

Chuck's Mom came to visit this weekend from the Tri-Cities to see the new house, cuddle with Cat Baby, and meet Lucy. Vicky works the night shift (5 pm - 2 am) at Safeway as the bookkeeper; she lives by her own time zone: Kennewick Standard Time. Chuck and I are too old to be night owls anymore (losers), so we checked out, tucked Jackie Cat into bed (or so we thought), and went upstairs. Unfortunately for Jack, he forgot Grandma was still awake when he went about his nightly business.

And Grandma Vicky is a tattle tale.

Jack waited until our light went out then began pawing around in the bathroom. He opened the cabinets, hung out with the chemicals (good idea), then closed the door behind him. Seriously?

He moved onto the kitchen systematically opening cabinets, rooting around, and closing them when he was done. WHO DOES THAT?

He finished his nightly bad boy routine by jumping on the counters (yeah, like that's acceptable behavior) and started lapping up water from the sink. Not satisfied, he started drinking the soapy Dawn dish water cleaning the pots from dinner. Butthead.

So, for anyone who was wondering how Jack's doing post surgery, he's great. Just great. Anyone know how to child proof cabinets? I need to lock up my cleaning supplies so I don't end up with another vet bill for stomach pumping.

Bad cat? Angel cat.

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