Can't get enough

We have a mobile Lulu!! She has a walker and she's not afraid to use it. Her feet barely touch the ground, so it's mostly a lot of air kicking, but when Mama pushes...oh, that face lights up. She just loves the wind in

She's in the "old man" phase of babydom. Bald head, wrinkles, God love her. And now she has a walker. It makes the look even better.

The walker has a mirror. She loved the mirror. What a little narcissist.

Missy Fuss Pants did not want anything to do with anyone but Mama on Sunday. But didn't she look happy? She just loves her Mama.

The only other non-Mama person that Lucy was even remotely into on Sunday was a singing and dancing Ax (yeah, Dad prefers Ax to Grandpa. Don't ask). Apparently, Little Miss has a thing for the classics: Smoke on the Water, Eye of the Tiger, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Such a good Ax.

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