Can't get enough

We have a mobile Lulu!! She has a walker and she's not afraid to use it. Her feet barely touch the ground, so it's mostly a lot of air kicking, but when Mama pushes...oh, that face lights up. She just loves the wind in

She's in the "old man" phase of babydom. Bald head, wrinkles, God love her. And now she has a walker. It makes the look even better.

The walker has a mirror. She loved the mirror. What a little narcissist.

Missy Fuss Pants did not want anything to do with anyone but Mama on Sunday. But didn't she look happy? She just loves her Mama.

The only other non-Mama person that Lucy was even remotely into on Sunday was a singing and dancing Ax (yeah, Dad prefers Ax to Grandpa. Don't ask). Apparently, Little Miss has a thing for the classics: Smoke on the Water, Eye of the Tiger, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Such a good Ax.

Sunday Shenanigans

Chuck's sister Nan commented "I love this blog. I can enjoy all of Chuck's antics without actually having to endure any of them." Thanks for the compliment, Nan, but some of us are not so lucky.

I've decided that in an effort to make peace with the ship's wheel, that it would be kind of funny to take a picture of all our house guests at the helm of the SS Klahanie. Think photo booth at TRL. And by the way, isn't this great progress for me? I am maturing, I think.

With Jamie and Paul in town for the weekend, I had to get a picture of my boys playing boat. Chuck was lounging around in jeans and an undershirt so I kindly asked him to please put on a real shirt so I could take a quick pic. There was stomping of feet, pouting, and a giant huffy-breathe as he marched back upstairs.

Should've seen this one coming.

In case you are wondering, those are my nice white pants. And in case you were also wondering, Chuck is a size 4 at Express, although it looks like he may need the longs.

Paul, being the usual catalyst for Chuck's adventures, was all smiles. Paul knows Chuck does this for attention, and he's only too willing to encourage the behavior.
See? So proud of his BFF.

And Jamie is just as bad. Jamie decided that if Chuck was sailor, then he wanted to play pin-up like Emy got to. Jamie is such a delicate beauty.

Let's not leave Jack out. He's the king of bad boy behavior and he wanted in on these shenanigans. The SS Klahanie is a bit bigger than the SS Catnip that his Grandpa sailed, but he worked it out.
Yep, just a typical Sunday morning around here. And don't forget, they're all pilots. They've all flown commerically. And they're all idiots.

Because we couldn't just throw the broken candle away.

Chuck was kind enough to clean up Jack's little clue game without even being asked (big boy). I should really be more weary of his spontaneous acts of cleaning-kindness. I should probably have egg on my face for not seeing this coming. Here's how I found him after "cleaning" the mess.


Just thatching around

Do you know what this is?

It's a lawn thatcher for pulling up moss. And boy did we have a lot of moss. Tons of moss. Oodles of mosses and mieces.

Chuck took the manly "I can do it sans machinery" approach and after an hour of raking the moss himself, he'd covered a 2 foot by 3 foot area. We were gonna need a bigger boat.

Enter Thatchmo (I named him). Thatchmo is my new hero. Starting to consider Thatchmo as the name for Baby Allison when we finally have a kid in 2032. And I swear, I could faintly hear Thachmo singing "And I think to myself, what a wonderful lawn" the whole time.

Thatchmo cost a whole $40 to rent and in 45 minutes the entire yard was done. Done I tell you!
See.... It's the proverbial wasteland.

Then it was raking time. And I raked it all up by myself while Chuck returned Thatchmo to his rightful owner (there were some tears). I know that Chuck may have gotten a few bleeding cuts while using Thatchmo, and one was deep enough to warrant the "do you need stitches?" conversation, but I got a blister! A big one.
Ok, maybe it was a little one, but a war wound is a war wound.

Once the yard was raked it looked like 50 little mole hills littering our yard. I kept waiting for the Groundhog from Caddyshack to pop up and sing "I'm all right", but no such luck. Dang, maybe next time....

A wee bit proud

I was wondering if I could make one of those cool picture collages on my own in photoshop-- and yipee skipee... I did it! I'm a little proud of myself so I wanted to share (I know the pictures are repeats, but humor me. It's about the whole design. See the bigger picture here people!).

Totally Normal

Naturally, we took Jack for a walk the other day.

It was nice out, he was being a good boy (lie), and maybe the neighbors didn't already think we were crazies because of the ship's wheel which you can see perfectly from the street (heaven help me).

We used to do this all the time in Ellensburg. We did it enough times in Totem Lake that other tenants were used to it. So why not carry on our fine "Those Cat People" tradition in our little suburbia labyrinth?

Jack was all about the walks at the quiet apartment, but Mr. Tough Guy was not so thrilled about the noises that come with a neighborhood. Law mowers, cars, children. It's as overstimulating as a rave -- glow sticks and all. Low tail, sniff cat.

Boy Dinner

We've been doing these Sunday dinners for about a month now because we can't get enough of Lucy. We don't care too much about each other -- it's all about seeing our little Lulu. Mom and I have each hosted twice, but Shelley's not ready to juggle hostessing and motherhood. I can totally understand her stress level, being a cat mother and all...

So, it was Dad's turn. He sent an email Friday inviting everyone to HIS house on Sunday. HE would be making BBQ chicken, baked beans, and corn bread, and HE wanted to invite us all. Naturally, he assigned Shane to bring the salad and Chuck to supply a dessert. Boy dinner.

Some notes about Chuck: He's a "go big or go home" guy. He takes things a little too far (did you know we have a Ship's Wheel?). He takes double dog dares very seriously.

So, if the email said Chuck was to supply the dessert then he was going to supply the dessert. He found a recipe, bought the ingredients, and made it all on his own. Big boy.

Here's his homemade Mud Pie.
It's a homemade Oreo crust, Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, and a layer of hot fudge. You can only imagine the precision with which this pie was constructed. Painstaking. But oh...was it good!

This Week in Lucy...

L is for the way you look at me
U is for the unbelievable girl....

Is that not the way the song starts? Lucy's officially a three month old and cute as a button.

About the pictures, I can't seem to figure out how to take pics at Casa de Fe without making them tinted yellow. Buttons confuse me and I REFUSE to read the directions. That would show signs of weakness. I'm more of a trial and error kind of gal. More error than trial. So, I went for a more artist approach with these pics and took out the color, thus eliminating the problem. I'm SO resourceful.

Isn't she such a great little helper?

Finally! A picture of ALL The Pattersons! Could Lucy look more like Shane? Sorry Shelley, but you're the thing that doesn't belong here.

ps. We tried to make Lucy ride Newman. It did not go as well as planned. Neither party cooperated.

Should've been a Pin-up

Emy LOVES the Ship's Wheel.

Ship's Wheel fans:
1. Chuck
2. Emy

It was such a beautiful Sunday -- Emy had to come by for a quick sail. Sailor hat and all, Emy climbed to the bow and took the helm. I haven't seen her that happy since she met Dave Mathews. And she peed a little that day.

Here's my little pin-up. Maybe we could get a bust of Emy made for the bow, like one of those mermaid girls?!

Mad Homeowning Skillz

We've been playing "homeowners" around here lately, you know, with the good weather and all. But we're definitely still playing on the B team of yard work -- wait, that's not fair. This is better: I'M on the B team of yard work, Chuck's varsity. Does that mean we average JV?

I can trim rose bushes with unknown success because nothing's bloomed yet. And by trimmed, I mean hack until I've got 12 bleeding cuts and two splinters. Chuck, on the other hand, rebuilt the carburetor for the lawn mower. He changed the oil. He did a full service. Then, he mowed the lawn. Chuck has skillz.
I pulled weeds on Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure I pulled up a bunch of bulbs. You tell me: Did I kill these flowers? Did I do an uh-oh? I suck at this.
And up on varsity, Chuck has fixed the gutters, done the weed eating, and started to rake up the moss.
Maybe I'm more of an Indoor Homeowner. But, Chuck should Letter by summer.

Mortality Check

On Friday, I found myself standing in a dressing room in Brass Plum (Nordstrom's junior's department), plucking two gray hairs from my bangs. You heard me. Grays. Not "ultra-blondes" as Chuck likes to think they are. Grays.

Then, I tried on the latest in cute dresses for the summer and hung my head in shame. I'm too old to wear them. Much too old.

I can only assume that tapered black denim jeans paired with cracking white leather Keds and a stained Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt are in my near future.

Is it too early or too melodramatic to put up the white flag?

Let Me See...

I'm gonna go with Professor Kitten Face in the Dining Room with the Candlestick.


I love her.

Home Sweet Whatever

I'm such a Big Girl. I painted the family room and kitchen over Spring Break all by myself (well, mostly) -- but I'm just now getting the pics posted (sorry Emy -- I know the lack of posts has been hard on you). I painted the rooms "Stone Harbor", like you care. But I love paint color names. They're the porn stars of home decorating. Ansonia Peach. Lilac Sachet. Blue Emotion.

The before pic is always boring, not that the others are action packed, but humor me. Okay? We'll go ahead and skip that.

Here's the during. I don't think nearly enough people post during pictures. It's always the "look how pretty and clean it is". Whatever. I painted for three days, fell in the pan once, painted the TV twice, and unplugged the fridge on accident for about 3 hours. I'm a winner. I wish I was cool and could say the wine was for me because what a stressful job, but be serious. It's a leftover, it's probably stale, and it burns.

This "during" picture is to prove to Catlyn (my eternal critic) that I did actually change the paint color. It seems subtle when you're in the room, but this picture proves it's different. (Let's be honest, I'm never going to paint a room orange or chocolate -- I like simple).

And here it is now (notice the white backsplash -- Chuck's doing and I love it. Only artist offering EVER):
Chuck's Mom spent the weekend with us and made the valance. She's working on matching seat cushions for our kitchen table (just call me Kathie Lee). Isn't she handy to have around? There you have it. I painted. Where's my medal?

We likes us some puzzles

Everyone knows Chuck and I are a bit on the nerdy side (naturally, I mean A LOT on the nerdy side). We love puzzles, brain games, trivia -- basically, if you can get beat up for it in high school then chances are we're down for it. We lack that cool gene.

As kids, we both loved Where's Waldo although we approach it a little differently. Chuck would search for hours and I like searching for a solid 5 minutes and then looking for a cheat in the back of the book. Or better yet, finding someone who knows where Waldo is and paying them to show me. Perhaps this obsession went a little far one time, but we're cool with it.

We have a new little brain game we like to play. It's called "Where in the new house does Jack like to sleep?"

Did you find it?


Need another angle?

For three years this cat lived in a tiny apartment with a white couch. Nothing. New couches from a semi-grown up furniture store? Like white on rice. Countless lint roller sheets and the purchase of a "fur removal sponge" (not making this up) and it's clean. For now.

Child Proofing the House

We need to child proof this house immediately. Immediately!

Not for Lucy, heavens no. I'm a good aunt, but child proofing for a 3 month old niece may be a little much. Child proofing for a 3 year old cat, however, that's another story.

Everyone knows we have a bad cat. A bad, bad, $1,700 "foreign object removal" cat. Jack has ruined plants and posed toys in the middle to frame them. I can't count the number of items he has broken by purposely pushing them to the ground (in his defense, those vases had no right sitting on the table). He ruined Vicky's dining room table, is in the process of shredding a throw rug, and I firmly believe he takes handfuls of litter and throws them around the downstairs when we aren't around.

And that's not all Mr. Man is doing while we're not looking.

Chuck's Mom came to visit this weekend from the Tri-Cities to see the new house, cuddle with Cat Baby, and meet Lucy. Vicky works the night shift (5 pm - 2 am) at Safeway as the bookkeeper; she lives by her own time zone: Kennewick Standard Time. Chuck and I are too old to be night owls anymore (losers), so we checked out, tucked Jackie Cat into bed (or so we thought), and went upstairs. Unfortunately for Jack, he forgot Grandma was still awake when he went about his nightly business.

And Grandma Vicky is a tattle tale.

Jack waited until our light went out then began pawing around in the bathroom. He opened the cabinets, hung out with the chemicals (good idea), then closed the door behind him. Seriously?

He moved onto the kitchen systematically opening cabinets, rooting around, and closing them when he was done. WHO DOES THAT?

He finished his nightly bad boy routine by jumping on the counters (yeah, like that's acceptable behavior) and started lapping up water from the sink. Not satisfied, he started drinking the soapy Dawn dish water cleaning the pots from dinner. Butthead.

So, for anyone who was wondering how Jack's doing post surgery, he's great. Just great. Anyone know how to child proof cabinets? I need to lock up my cleaning supplies so I don't end up with another vet bill for stomach pumping.

Bad cat? Angel cat.

Little Lucy Girl

Lucy and Shelley came for a visit Saturday. I only took 114 pictures of her...I'll try to take more next time. She started giggling at Child Prison this week (that's Shelley's code for KinderCare) but none of us had heard it. Until Saturday! Here's the little lamb and my latest photoshopping adventures:

Shane is a sucker for this girl, which is why I needed to really emphasize the writing on her shirt. She cries and that boy comes running. She squirms and he's bracing everything around to make sure she's safe. He lives for her and he is in trouble. I will gladly teach her how to exploit this love when she's older. Gladly.
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