Wait....I'm human?

I think I blog a little too much about what an amazing cook I am. So, tonight for dinner, I served up a little humble pie. Just to clarify, I like to cook from great recipes -- I'm no chef. And second, I'm a moron.

We had this AMAZING dinner tonight (are you picking up on my sarcasm...any one? Beullar? Beullar?). I bought some Kalbi marinated pork tenderloin at QFC. It was on sale, and needed a lazy dinner. Ok, I'll just detail the comedy of errors that was my dinner:

1. Apparently, you are supposed to grill this stuff. Fe and PK gave us a Weber, but you need propaine to work a BBQ...so Plan B: We'll use the electric skillet! Which led to it's own list of questions -- What temp? When is it done? Do I spray the skillet first?

2. I hate simultaneous cooking. If you know me, then you know my ADD, and you know that I can't multi-task. Hence, I burned the rice-a-roni that was suppossed to be the side dish. Yeah!

3. More questions: How long do you cook pork tenderloin? Can I pass the rice-a-roni off as "smoked chicken" flavor? Did you know that pork tenderloin shrivels like you-know-what during an artic swim?

Oh, did you need to see pictures?
Here's our poor little dinner...what's left of it.

The rice-a-roni was so inedible, it didn't even make the final plating. You can see the rice-a-roni in the back of this picture, which was taken to highlight the plate and towel. After starting, I realized the lid was in the dishwasher which was running. And the towel, well, I packed my pot holders really well when we moved, and still haven't found them...After we ate our plethora of pork, Chuck chowed down on some spamoni. We were laughing pretty hard by this point, since it only took us about 2 minutes to eat the whole meal.Don't worry, we're stopping by McDonald's on our way to Adam and Tyrell's to watch the Office. Mmmm...humble pie....a dish best served burnt!

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