This is because of Catlyn and Laura

Catlyn and Laura threw a fit (uh huh, fit) because they weren't featured on the blog. So they had me take a recent picture of them, and then threw another fit when I didn't upload it ASAP (sorry that I put report cards and a sinus innfection above you -- I'll never do it again).

Here they are in all their glory: Catlyn and Laura. Laura is my life partner and Catlyn tries her best to make me cool, even though I will never know what I should wear to a bar or even where bars are. I love you both!

Just to make sure that my other two dearest friends don't feel left out (especially since they have both been extremely supportive of my blog, despite a lack of any actual substance). Here's a shout out to Emy and Cheryl.
Emy and I met when we were 15 and 16, skipping church with a mutual friend. It really set the tone for our relationship. Emy's blunt (rude, actually :) and I'm always right so I have no idea how we've tolerated each other for almost 10 years. I've tried to learn how to be a clean freak like Emy and not just make piles, and she's taking cooking classes and has finally opened up the cookbook I gave her for Christmas 4 years ago. We're evolving together...

And then there's Cheryl. Cheryl and I are yin and yang. I'm type A and Cheryl couldn't be more type B. Actually, she's more like type X. She calls me Sue, because no one named Susie could be as uptight as I can be on occasion. I hate her for it. I did her homework through her last year of college. When she graduated with honors and she'd forgotten to purchase Honor Cords (shocking), she wore mine. It seemed fitting. She's my soul mate. I couldn't decide which pic I love most of Cheryl and Me, so I did two.

On her wedding day, I was in full Sue-mode trying to coordinate the event and Cheryl didn't have a care in the world. She was marrying Conor and no one was ever a more beautiful bride.

Her Totally 80s Bachelorette Party -- it was the best party I've ever planned.

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  1. Love the shout-out...and you ARE cool! Just no cardigans or pearls at a bar. :) MUAH.


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