Sailor Jack

I'm at the point where "Why fight the nautical workings of this house?" Clearly, it's a losing battle and even more so with my latest discovery.

I was thumbing through an old photo album and found a faded black and white picture of Jack's Great-Great Grandpa, who was a sailor in WW2. He was the on the SS Catnip -- I think they fought somewhere off the Canary Islands (get it? get it?). He even has those classic "sailor tattoos". What a handsome little gentleman.
However, I'm not thinking his Great-Great-Grandson shares his same affinity for the open waters. I snapped the picture below during the ceremonial first sail around the neighborhood after Chuck mounted the ship's wheel. If you look closely, you can actually see the horror and disgust in Jack's eyes as he watched Chuck, a grown man, play Boat Captain on a staircase. He judges like I do.

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  1. Love the pic of Jack's great-great-grandpa! They look a lot alike...I think it's the eyes!


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