My Two Favorite Girls

Shelley made a big leap in adulthood this week, making one of those "it's what's best for the family" decisions that only truly mature people make (I'm not one of these people). Shelley and Shane decided to give up their beloved dog Dude because of his happiness. Dude was hilarious, but the poor thing was a year old and still "using" a potty pad (I use the word "using" as loosely as possible).

The day they took Dude to the pound, he went out with a bang. He left them a nice warm present in the living room and absonded with 6 oz of breast milk. His choice wasn't surprising. Since the baby arrived, Dude has shredded several breast pads, ate the breast pump, and grabbed a dirty diaper and ran. Turns out, Dude was a boob man.
I know Shelley loved Dude and this was a toughy, but they made the right call. It was a very selfless decision that Shelley and Shane made. Don't they sound just like a Mom and Dad?

Never being one to take time and breath, Shelley decided kitten shopping was the best cure for her heartache. We went the pound with Fe, and Shelley bought Betty. Betty is awesome. Betty is independent. Betty is already house trained. Betty 1, Dude 0. Isn't Betty a doll?

(And for those of you dog lovers, I checked Saturday on the status of Dude. Shane dropped him off Thursday and he's already been adopted.)

Shelley and Lucy hung out at our place most of Saturday, giving me an unlimited amount of time to take pictures of Lucy Girl.

I know I'm a tad biased, but she is the cutest thing since I don't know what. The cheeks, the eyes...what a stunner!

ps. Send complaints to Chuck over my new photo obsession. He bought me Photoshop for my birthday. Now I have no reason to get off the couch, making my transistion into Gilbert Grape's Mom all the more seeemless.

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  1. Was there a mix up? Was this blog post title supposed to be about our sleepover this weekend with Megan, and you just got mixed up? I know, it happens. You can't be perfect all the time, you're human!


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