Lucy came to visit!

Mom, Dad, Shelley and Lucy came for a visit Sunday. We had dinner, introduced PK and Fe to the Wii (fantastic, by the way), and watched Jack completely lose it over the baby. I have no pictures of them together because he wouldn't get within 5 feet of her. Low, razor back, poof tail cat. He was beside himself.

I had a great time with Lucy -- we are in love! Here's Lucy and her Aunt Sister:

Now let's talk a little about Shelley. Prior to January 7th (Lucy's Birthday), Shelley was the most un-maternal person I'd ever met. She would cringe if she had to hold a baby and cry louder than it if it started to squirm. She barely babysat -- unless absolutely necessary, gun to her head, you get the picture. She once fell asleep in Fe's kindergarten class while trying to earn community service hours. But God love her, the kid (er....woman??) has risen to the occasion. WHAT A GREAT MOM!!!!!!!

Did I mention Shelley went 22 years, 10 months without ever changing a diaper? EVER. Now, look at her go! Changing diapers like a pro with her Dooney and Bourke diaper bag, wearing her non-maternity Joe's jeans, and a look that could kill.

Aren't they so happy together??

I'm not sure what Shelley was saying to Lucy exactly, so I'll improvise a little:
"And in July we travel to our Mecca on NE 8th and Bellevue Way. They hold a big ceremony called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and we all celebrate together with Grandma Fe. And a month later, Grandpa Ax gets a bill and cries."

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  1. That first picture of Shelley TOTALLY looks like Fe! With her hair pulled back and the headband, I did a triple take.

    Tell Shelley I'm proud of her, and I would love to hug and squeeze those cheeks before I move to NC.


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