The Father

If you don't know my Dad, then you're missing out. I can say with total honesty and assurance that my Dad is better than your Dad. Trust me on this. It's a fact.

Dad's very athletic and works out with the same intensity that I compulsively eat fast food. He called Mom yesterday right at the start of school, but she couldn't talk. "Nothing big," Dad said. "We'll touch base later."

Later, Mom got an email from Dad detailing why he had called during school hours. Here is the exact text from the email. And just for reference, Nuun is a business in Seattle. And just remember, my Dad is awesome.

No big deal – sort of got hit by a truck in a cross walk by nuun – I had the “walk man” and he probably thought the intersection was clear and rolled through the red. Fortunately, he slammed on the brakes and I was jogging so I just sort of slid up on his hood and then off, looked at him and kept jogging. I think maybe adrenaline kept me from stopping. I was fine at the time – no bruises or anything – back is a little tweaked.

This clearly demonstrates how my Dad is better than your Dad. Case in point. Who gets hit by a car and says "no big deal"?? PK, that's who. He's hella tight, huh?

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