The World's Most Expensive Glass Bead

What an awful mid-winter break! Jack swallowed one of his beloved beads -- I have no idea how. He swallowed the bead early morning Monday and then ate a flower, which had Lily parts (a big no-no for cats), to try and settle his stomach. It was pretty clear something was very wrong Monday when I woke up and the vets were sure it was all a side effect from the flowers. But Jack kept slipping and getting worse, so they did an x-ray Tuesday and found a beautiful blue bead in that cat-gut of his.

He came home this afternoon and is doing awesome. He seems so happy to be back. What a trooper! He's been running around the house, jumping on the counters, and pacing at the back door (love those birds). Old 'cone head' is adjusting his new collar, but has lost all depth perception. It's poetic justice. I'm laughing now as hard as I was crying yesterday.

We love you Jack -- no matter how big the bill was!


  1. Welcome to the dark-side my blogging friend! I am obsessed with snooping at other people via blog, so you better update often, ESPECIALLY once I move to NC! I can't wait to come see the house in person, but it looks perfect!

  2. Chuck looks like Justin Timberlake in the "Dick in a Box" video right here. It's the turtleneck with the slacks. Wait, is it a turtleneck?

    If you squint your eyes, Chuck kind of, sort of looks like Justin Timberlake from the "Dick in a Box" video.


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