Ode to Divorce

Our house has this great central staircase that is in the middle of the entire downstairs. When you walk in, it's the first thing you see. I didn't love this style so much on other houses we toured, which is why we started refering to it as the "ship's wheel" design. The staircase screams bow-of-ship. Somehow, the staircase works with this house and I absolutely love it. Which is why Chuck had to go and ruin it.

Chuck decided that calling it the "ship's wheel" wasn't enough. We actually needed to own a ship's wheel. Apparently, they are all over eBay. Thank God. Now, he can drive the house to port, dock and more it. And I got the all-assuring, "Don't worry, Suz. It's only for when company comes over." Good, I was worried.

Chuck does stuff like this all the time. He gets an idea, Paul eggs him on, and then I end up with an 8 foot scratching post floor to ceiling. See exhibit 2.

Once he bought a lock picking kit because he wanted to know what was behind a locked door in college. He did an all night trip to Vegas (no hotel needed) just because, stayed awake for 34 hours on a street corner to see the Price is Right, and rented a multi-engine airplane to fly to the San Juans to get ice cream. And then there's the demolition derbies, the guns, and the countless scams.

I married a winner. God love him -- I wouldn't change him for the world.

ps: Anyone want a ship's wheel?


  1. No, the ship wheel stays!! It's just like the time he wanted to float down the Ganges in a dingy. The man loves the sea, Suss, don't take away his dreams. ;)

  2. Chuck, I see that I got an honorable mention. As you were... *sounds the Bosun's Call*

  3. I get it now. Not previous owners. The most PERFECT staircase EVER for a ships wheel. WOW! I also love how you have specific posts just about the wheel. oh and btw, our version of the Bremerton "Klahanie" is having their garage sale next weekend too. perhaps i'll bring my camera and try and get some fun people watching photos....


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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