Falling in love with the water faucets

It's amazing the little things that I've forgotten after living in apartments for 7 years. As much as I have loved having a shared wall and fighting over parking spaces, it's been a bit Celine Dion for me lately -- I mean "it's all coming back to me now" remembering all those tiny parts of having a home that you miss out on when you rent out a cube in a building.

Like having a front door that isn't directly attached to someone else's. This is our front door. We get to paint it however we like and we (and by we, I mean Chuck) got to put our own locks on it. No one can give us 24 hours notice and just walk on in. Except for Jamie, of course.

I have a fence around a yard -- a yard? What is that?! The apartment life-force had almost sucked the concept right out of me. I have flowers. On my doorstep. And I haven't worried once that they will be stolen. The best part is, I got them as a housewarming gift from my favorite cousin-in-law, Janelle (sorry Mark). I know it's only been 2 weeks since I got them, but I can't believe they are still alive and blooming. It's a miracle.

A few other things I'm loving on:
~We have outside water faucets! I can wash my car. Not that I actually will, but I have the option...
~A garage. After years of living in Ellensburg and having an honest understanding of what below 20 feels like , no one has ever appreciated a garage more than Chuck and Me. I'll be selling my ice scraper on craigslist.
~My Mom's favorite sport is "Pottery Barn-ing". Fe (my Mom) can Pottery Barn like nobody's business. Working out is to PK (my Dad) as Pottery Barn-ing is to Fe. And now, I can Pottery Barn with her and not worry that I'll have to pack it up in a year and can it really handle a trip in a moving truck? Here's a pic of my latest Pottery Barn adventure. I took Chuck with me. He's an ok Pottery Barn-ing partner if I was competing in mixed doubles, but there's really no substitute for Fe.
ps. Can you tell I love my new SLR camera a little too much?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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